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Members of Congress under siege on Capitol Hill tweet in shock and frustration

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As Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday to protest the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, members of Congress took Twitter to express their shock, take stock of the situation and denounce the crowd.

The riot broke out on Wednesday as Congress convened to certify electoral votes that would confirm Joe Biden as the official winner of the presidential election. Trump supporters first gathered outside the U.S. Capitol, but it wasn’t long before they got through the security fence, smashed windows, and in some cases attacked police.

Many members of Congress were evacuated while others were asked to shelter in place in their offices. Although Democrats appeared to be the loudest during the ordeal, several Republicans also used Twitter to speak out.

Here’s what lawmakers said during the ordeal.

Mike Gallagher, a Republican representative from Wisconsin, posted a video as he took shelter in his office. In the video, he explains how Vice President Mike Pence was kicked off Capitol Hill and then called on Donald Trump to take action against the riot.

Adam Kinzinger, a Republican representative from Illinois, made it clear what he thought of the riot.

Dan Kildee, a Democratic representative from Michigan, explained in detail what was going on in the chambers of the House.

Ohio Republican Jim Jordan, a staunch supporter of Trump, has called for an end to the riot.

Ted Cruz, the Republican senator from Texas who was part of a group of senators contesting Wednesday’s election votes, also called for peace.

Haley Stevens, a Democratic representative from Michigan, expressed her disbelief.

Texas Democratic Representative Veronica Escobar shared a video of the “chaos” inside the Capitol as she took shelter in place.

Val Demings, a Democratic representative from Florida, expressed her disappointment.

Marsha Blackburn, the Republican senator from Tennessee who also contested the electoral votes, condemned the destruction.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin echoed Blackburn’s conviction.

Cori Bush, a Democratic representative from Missouri, called on the president for his role in leading the crowd.

Ted Deutch, Democratic representative from Florida, also blamed members of Congress who challenged the election results.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida denounced the rioters.

Kevin McCarthy, leader of the parliamentary minority, called for a peaceful protest.

Michael McCaul, a Republican representative from Texas, said he voted for Trump but was not supporting the crowd.

Ted Lieu, a Democratic representative from California, shared a video of the chaos and said lawmakers would not be disheartened.

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