Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Microsoft and Oracle working on digital COVID-19 vaccine cards

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The group hopes to provide access to immunization records through the framework of SMART health cards. People without a smartphone could receive a printout of a QR code containing a verifiable vaccination record.

Health officials in the United States issue paper cards to people who have received a COVID-19 vaccine. However, this is not necessarily proof that a person has been immunized, as it is possible to spoof these cards.

Some airports and airlines test a health passport application from the Commons project, which is a member of VCI. Travelers will be able to board certain international flights if they test negative from their healthcare providers and receive a confirmation code via the CommonPass application. As The New York Times notes, the VCI approach would work the same for vaccine registries.

While being able to check COVID-19 vaccinations can be essential in our return to normal lockdowns and social distancing, health passport applications can prove to be a thorny issue. If airlines or employers require proof of vaccination, people who choose not to do so could be excluded from travel or returned to work.


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