Friday, February 3, 2023

Microsoft Teams dynamic view makes it easy to view presentations

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Unsurprisingly, Microsoft has released a steady stream of improvements to Teams, the company’s de-factor Slack competitor. As noticed by The edge, the company gave a quick overview a feature called “Dynamic View” which should make video calls with presentations much easier to view. When participating in a Teams call with multiple participants as well as dynamic content (like video or screen sharing), Dynamic View will offer a customizable view. The presentation content will naturally take up most of the screen, but you can also pin key participants next to it, like the people presenting the call.

Currently, each attendee appears in a small sidebar, making it harder to see who is actually leading a presentation. Dynamic view will automatically optimize the content, but viewers can customize it as well. Microsoft also makes it easier to see when a participant is “raising their hand” in a video chat as well as who is currently speaking.


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