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Mikey Wright opens up about miracle rescue of drowning stranger in Oahu, Hawaii

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Australian professional surfer Mikey Wright opened up about his miraculous rescue of a drowning stranger in Oahu, Hawaii.

Wright and his sister Tyler were on Oahu’s North Short waterfront when they realized that a beach goer was being swept away by the strong current.

The 24-year-old said his instincts kicked in as he undressed before entering the water to save the stranded woman.

“As I started filming I was like, ‘Wait, this is going to get bad here’ so I’m handing my phone to my wife,” he told Nine’s. TODAY.

“At that point, I was like, ‘Take my phone, this person is going to need to be saved’, and I literally dropped my beer, ripped it all out, went through a fence, I had to jump the fence because it didn’t open then had to run on the beach.

“From the moment we first saw it until the moment we realized it was going to be bad, it was only a matter of seconds.”

Wright said his initial concern was for the woman to be dragged into the big rocks.

“As I was running down, I was trying to see where she was and how she was being shot,” he said.

“Where she was, if she tried to get in, she was going to hit the rocks, so I tried to get in and came back.

“She was coming downstream so I just let her drift towards me as I tried to push towards her.”

Wright embarks on the miracle rescue

“As I was running I was just evaluating to see what was the best way to grab her and get her to safety.”

As her brother ran right into the eye of the storm, Tyler Wright said she had full confidence in Mikey who could put the stranger to safety.

“It was an intense situation, but he’s a water man, we’ve been doing it since we were kids,” he said.

“At that point, I knew the way he positioned himself was going to take the full impact of the rocks.

“At that point we were worried about the woman and how long she had been around before she really started to struggle.

Wright added that once the woman was taken to safety, she was initially in a state of “shock” before calming down.

“At first she said she was fine and I was like, ‘Okay breathe,’ then after we had her breath I just asked her questions like there are deeper cuts or there are did something you think opened up or hit the rocks hard enough.

“She went over her body and after that she was pretty calm.

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