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Minecraft Achievement Guide: Bake Bread

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Minecraft Players don’t need to be a chef to bake bread in the game, as they will only need three pieces of wheat and a crafting table to bake fresh bread.

Bread is one of the oldest foods in Minecraft and has been part of the game since its third phase of development.

Eating a piece of bread will restore five hunger points, which is a pretty decent return for how easy this item is to craft and find.

To make a piece of bread, Minecraft players just need to combine three pieces of wheat on a crafting table. Wheat can be acquired from various chests of structure, agriculture and commerce.

Once Minecraft players have made a loaf of bread for the first time, they will also receive an achievement on Bedrock Edition.

This article explains how to make bread in Minecraft and then earn the “Bake Bread” achievement on Bedrock Edition.

Bake Bread Achievement in Minecraft

In order to earn the “Bake Bread” achievement, players will need to get their hands on three pieces of wheat.

One of the best ways to get wheat in Minecraft is to till the soil and do some good old fashioned farming. This item makes a great introduction to how farming works in Minecraft.

Wheat can sometimes be found inside the chests of dungeons, igloos, pillager outposts, shipwrecks, underwater ruins, villages, and forest mansions.

Alternatively, wheat can also be found in the agricultural plots of the various Overworld villages.

Players can also keep their eyes peeled for hay bales near villages and pillager outposts, as they can be converted into nine wheat when placed in a crafting window.

The crafting recipe for a piece of bread in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
The crafting recipe for a piece of bread in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

Once players have three pieces of wheat, all they need to do is place them in a straight horizontal line in the crafting window of a crafting table.

Players who do not yet have a crafting table can quickly create one by combining four wood planks in their player’s crafting window.

After completing the bread-making process, players will receive both their fresh bread and the “Bake Bread” achievement on Bedrock Edition.

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