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Minecraft Achievements Guide: It’s a Sign!

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Minecraft Bedrock players looking for an easy-to-achieve accomplishment should look no further than “It’s a sign!” success.

There are over a hundred different achievements for players to complete on Bedrock Edition. Some of them are quite simple and easy, while others are more delicate and more difficult.

Minecraft players can earn the “It’s a sign!” achievement by building and placing for the first time an oak sign. It’s relatively simple to do and can be done quickly even in a new game world.

This article explains how to make and place an oak sign in Minecraft and ultimately earn the “It’s a sign!” realization on Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft achievement: it’s a sign!

As mentioned earlier, to earn the “It’s a sign!” achievement, players must craft and place an oak panel in Minecraft for the very first time.

Panels are items that players can use to leave notes and write messages. These signs can be used to label what’s inside certain chests or to leave notes of caution for other players. Even in their simplest form, panels can be of benefit if used correctly.

To make a sign, players will need to get their hands on six oak planks and a stick. Combining these crafting components on a crafting table will produce three signs.

The crafting recipe for oak panels in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
The crafting recipe for oak panels in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

To get Oak Planks, players can hit one or two Oaks found in various Overworld biomes. Players who have played their game world before can also use an ax to speed up the process.

Once players have Oak Logs, they can convert them to Oak Planks using their player’s crafting window. Players who do not yet have a crafting table can craft one by combining four wooden planks in the same window. Four sticks can also be made by combining two oak planks.

Once players have an oak board, they’ll just need to put it on the ground. Before the oak sign is placed, players will be asked to write a message on the sign.

Players can write any message on the board and can even leave it blank. Once the sign is placed, the player will earn the “It’s a sign!” realization on Bedrock Edition.

Posted on March 11, 2021, 05:37 AM


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