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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.210 patch notes

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition update 1.16.210 adds features that serve as teasers for the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update 1.17.

This is not a massive update, 1.16.210 is mostly bug fixes, with some new additions to the game as well. This update was released on March 9, 2021.

As the Caves and Cliffs patch gets closer and closer, each update that isn’t 1.17 makes Minecraft players even more excited for what promises to be a massive release. More information on the Caves and Cliffs update can be found in the article linked below.

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.210 patch notes: full list of changes

Void atmosphere

New ambient sounds have been added to each Nether biome, making them even more spooky. Besides some server-side tools and commands, it’s all in terms of additions.

Bug fixes

Below is a list of the most notable bugs that were fixed in update 1.16.210:

  • Added text to speech option in audio settings
  • New charging tip
  • Fullscreen can now be toggled with F11
  • Since Mixer is no longer active, the streaming options are no longer available
  • Using bone meal in the Warm Ocean biome results in Sea Turf, Corals, and Coral Fans
  • Fixed a crash when opening the Achievements menu
  • Fixed a crash occurring when leaving a world
  • Players no longer take fall damage when opening a Shulker Box
  • Creatures can strike above and below again
  • Ender Dragon will no longer appear nervous
  • The TNT exploded in the water will now launch the player
  • Redstone Dust is displayed as “Redstone Dust” instead of just Redstone
Shown: A self-made mini Warm Ocean biome, which is now easier to create!  (Image via u / ccm695 on Reddit)
Shown: A self-made mini Warm Ocean biome, which is now easier to create! (Image via u / ccm695 on Reddit)

More bug fixes

  • Screen resolution will no longer flicker, causing Minecraft to resize the window
  • Screen reader now reads whispers and announcements
  • Command blocks no longer censor numbers
  • A new achievement screen has been added

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Posted Mar 11, 2021 12:33 IST


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