Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Minecraft with ray tracing is available for all Windows 10 players

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Minecraft The ray tracing feature for Windows 10 has caught on out of beta eight months after the feature became available to testers. Adding ray tracing support for NVIDIA RTX graphics cards transforms the aesthetics of sandboxing into a brighter game. As we said in our practical station earlier this year, the realistic lighting, reflections and shadows the feature brings Minecraft feel more immersive. Yes, the game is still as stuck as ever, but the sunlight in the game looks so real, for example, and the shadows and reflections can make you feel like you are in the virtual world.

To be able to find out what ray tracing adds to the game, you will need to run it on a PC with one of NVIDIA’s GPUs capable of ray tracing. The upgrades it brings will only be visible in worlds and maps that use a special Physically Rendered Texture Pack, but you don’t have to do anything to activate it – it’s already on by default. Other players who don’t have access to the feature will simply see these worlds in the game’s standard visuals.


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