Friday, September 22, 2023

Mistwalker’s new Fantasian RPG is coming to Apple Arcade

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Hironobu Sakaguchi and Mistwalker are back with another JRPG title, Fantasian, coming to Apple Arcade in 2021. Mistwalker’s latest releases on mobile, including Terra Wars (Wow, I reviewed this one!) and Terra Wars 2, were gacha grinders with a lot of style, so we’ll see where Fantasian lands on a cool ladder after release.

For now, there is some really cool art and assets to admire while we wait, including hand-made dioramas that form the backdrop for large environments. Based on some of the characters that we can see in the trailer, we could very easily take a look and say, “Yeah. It’s definitely a JRPG.” Why not give her a watch below?

Apparently, the story takes place in a multidimensional universe where the balance of Chaos and Order is in motion. You start off as a character who has lost their memories and must go on a journey to find them. These mementos, along with other findings such as notes and journals throughout your exploration, become a kind of storytelling device that fleshes out characters, realms, and more. Along the way you will probably save the world or something, you might end up fighting a deity while you are floating in the cosmos. Hey, I’m guessing right here.

New combat mechanics are taking shape for the game known as “Battles of Dimengeon” where the player can send enemies they have already encountered into a dimensional dungeon to lock them up and apparently deal with them later you. allowing you to explore the world without the complications of constant combat. We’re not sure exactly how it works, but from the small details available, it looks like being able to push a bunch of weaker battles into one place to go through them later, saving what’s called “grinding time”.

If Hironobu Sakaguchi hasn’t convinced you to try the game, the music is composed by Nobuo Uematsu, whose works you’ve certainly heard over the years with a huge catalog of legendary tracks.


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