Friday, March 31, 2023

Monster Hunter Rise will let you ride monsters

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A Monster Hunter Rise The digital event revealed many new gameplay details – including the fact that you can now ride unsuspecting monstersThe new Wyvern Riding feature uses the new Wirebug item, and an unlockable ability, to let you ride and control monsters, even letting you set up monster fights in the process. It looks, quite frankly, brilliant.

Monster Hunter Rise – 20 new screenshots

Other new content included a new area, the Frost Islands, and the presentation detailed a number of new and returning monsters, including the Oni, an ice blade wielding Goss Harag, as well as Barioth, Khezu, Great Baggi, Lagombi, Tigrex.

We also learned more about the previously revealed Mizutsune – which can create bubbles impeding movement – and the flagship monster Magnamalo, an armored beast that attacks with claws, tail, and hellfire-like gas.The show also showed the game’s key characters – village chief Fugen, singing twins Minoto and Hinoa, owner of Yomogi tea shop, guild boss Hojo, hunting boss Master Utsushi, and handler pal Iori. , which helps you with your Palamutes and Palicos. Outside the village, Kogarashi is the leader of the Felyne Meowcenaries, and Rondine is a traveling trader.

Monster Hunter Rise Receives Demo Later Today, including two tutorial quests and two hunting quests. The game will be released on March 26.
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