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Moon Knight: Ethan Hawke is the main villain of the Marvel Disney Plus series

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Ethan Hawke is the latest Hollywood star to make the jump to the MCU. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hawke was chosen as the main villain of the Moon Knight series on Disney +.THR does not indicate which character Hawke plays, only describing the role of “the main villain” of the series. Hawke will play alongside Oscar Isaac, who has would have been cast as the supernatural vigilante. Production of the series is expected to begin in Budapest in March 2021.Moon knight doesn’t have the largest rogue gallery in the Marvel Universe, which may help narrow the pool of applicants. Considering the character’s ethnicity in the comics, we can probably assume that Hawke is not playing Moon Knight’s frequent nemesis, Raoul Bushman. Moon Knight’s rogue gallery also includes villains like Killer Shrike, Black Specter, and the Sun King, each of which could have meaning for the series. However, it’s just as likely that Hawke won’t play a traditional supervillain. He could be the leader of the Committee (the criminal cartel that engages Moon Knight in his very first appearance) or even the physical manifestation of the moon god Khonshu. Hawke’s cast is certainly unexpected, given both the leaning tendency actor to avoid traditional Hollywood franchises and his past comments criticizing the genre of superhero film.

“Now we have the problem that they tell us Logan is a great movie,” Hawke said in 2018. “Well, it’s a great superhero movie. It always involves people in pantyhose with metal coming out of their hands. It’s not Bresson. It’s not Bergman. But they talk about it as if it were.

Hopefully Hawke’s decision to sign for the MCU is a good sign for Moon Knight fans. Marvel first announced the Moon Knight series at J23 in August 2019. At one point, Kevin Feige indicated that Moon Knight and some of Marvel’s other Disney + series such as She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel would all complete production by the end of 2020. Ultimately, the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) delayed that timeline and many original production dates were pushed back.

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WandaVision, however, is out on Disney + on January 15th, as the first entry in an ambitious new line of television series designed to be more closely integrated with Marvel films. To learn more about the studio’s upcoming list of projects and releases, read our breakdown of the most important and notable developments in the MCU, on Disney + and in the Marvel comics this year.

The casting of Hawke is the latest big MCU news to fall in recent days. We also learned Chris Evans could be in talks to return as Steve Rogers, while a leaked figurine may have revealed a major spoiler for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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