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Mortal Kombat movie gets a line from Funko Pops

Mortal Kombat movie gets a line from Funko Pops


The next movie Mortal combat has a line of Funko Pops on the way. The minifigures were previously unveiled in January, but now we have live pint-sized footage of our kombatants. It’s not yet clear when they’ll be available for sale, but you can pre-order them now and they’ll each cost $ 11.

Come here because the first is Scorpio, which comes in masked and unmasked versions. Meanwhile, the squatting variant featured in the header at the top of the article is a Walmart exclusive. Whichever model you choose, you will probably want to pick it up ASAP as it is sure to be a hot merchandise. You know, since he uses fire. Because he’s a ninja from hell. Move on.

You can’t say Scorpion’s name without mentioning its foe Sub-Zero in the same breath. He wielded an ice blade and matching icy white eyes. You will have to stay glacial to grab one before they sell out as it is sure to make one fresh more to anyone’s shelf. It surely stinks if your browser frozen while you add it to your online shopping cart. I’ve been playing puns on the ice for days, guys.

Concrete example, if you want to add another one coldness vibrate in your home after dark, this glow-in-the-dark variation is exclusive to Entertainment Earth. Okay, I think I got them out of my system.

This must be kombat time because this is Sonya Blade. Earthrealm’s tough defender wields his iconic pink energy rings, which likely target Kano directly. Personally, I think the best feature of this figure is the lack of Ronda Rousey voiceover.

Finally, here is Cole Young.

Mortal combat premieres April 16 in theaters and HBO Max, and many of us at Game Informant are pretty excited about it. Editor Brian Shea is especially excited after seeing the first 13 minutes of the film. You can read his impressions here. We also recorded a reaction to the trailer for the film, which you can check out. here. Finally, since this is the latest adaptation of the popular fighting game, I have applied years of MK fandom by ranking of every Mortal Kombat adaptation so far.

So, Funko Pop collectors, are you going to make room to add these figures to your list? Let us know in the comments!




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