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New details emerge about the world of Halo Infinite

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343 Industries began offering regular monthly checks on the condition of Infinite Halo as he heads to his much-anticipated launch later in 2021. After reviewing the art, graphics and teamwork earlier in life, the team is this month shining a spotlight on the set for him. -even. The Zeta Halo is a massive explorable environment that seems to be significantly beyond the reach of many previous games in the series, especially in terms of freedom and discoverability.

One of the primary goals of creating the game world for Halo Infinite is described as focusing on two central tenets: legacy and simplicity. “For ‘Legacy’, we really want players to feel like they’re living a game they remember a lot (Halo: Combat Evolved), but with modernized graphics of course,” says Justin Dinges, campaign art manager. about the project. “When it comes to ‘Simplicity’, we wanted to make sure that we avoided overly loud designs and details, which is a key takeaway for the team coming out of Halo 5.” It’s a welcome message for longtime fans of the series, as Halo has always found a way to balance a modern sci-fi aesthetic with natural beauty.

Drawing inspiration from Bungie’s work on the original Halo: Combat Evolved, 343 Industries looks to the environment closest to home near their studios in the Pacific Northwest to help illuminate the artistic aspect of the Zeta. Halo. To find the right balance, they explore the forests, fields, and natural biomes that lie on the surface of the Halo, juxtaposed with the protruding hexagonal shapes of the original Forerunner technology, just below the surface. “It’s our way of mixing a real beautiful biome (the PNW) with something fantastic and sci-fi (the hexagonal structure) because the experience aims to be the best of both worlds,” says Dinges.

This month’s post also offers a fascinating insight into the gameplay design in the wide open spaces that the Zeta Halo enables, with a particular focus on the new Grappleshot tool, which allows players to travel to remote locations. “Equipment like the Grappleshot is a great example of creating new and exciting possibilities,” says Gameplay Director Troy Mashburn. “Walls, cliffs and small breaches don’t stop Chief anymore, which has given us the opportunity to rethink the way encounters are built. This posed problems early on, as the designers couldn’t just place the end goal at the end of a base assuming players would have to make their way through. With the Grappleshot, players can go where they want, when they want. From a development perspective, it was both terrifying and completely liberating. “

The resulting gameplay encourages players to come up with their own solutions for facing a difficult encounter, such as how to infiltrate and overtake a large enemy stronghold, whether taking the frontal assault approach or taking on a nest of snipers and eliminating a group of enemies. from a high point of view.

The next “Inside Infinite” installments in the coming months are scheduled to discuss the overall approach to audio and include discussions with the PC team, and we’ll bring those discussions to life as we go. In the meantime, the discussion of the Zeta Halo framework includes a number of other ideas straight from the team, including their views on co-op play in space and focal points for development over the remaining months of development.

Check out the full conversation at Halo Waypoint.


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