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Nintendo drops 35% of Switch games for ‘Mar10 Day’

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Mario’s annual Appreciation Day, dubbed Mar10 Day, is tomorrow and the company has already started celebrate by handing over some Switch games. Until March 13 you can get 35% off Super Mario Party, Luigi’s mansion 3, Super Mario Maker 2 and Mario tennis aces at Nintendo eshop or Amazon. That reduction brings all of those titles down to just under $ 39, which is an all-time high for some of them. These are the games that Nintendo highlighted for March 10, but a number of other Mario games are on sale on Amazon, including Super Mario Odyssey for $ 39, Super Mario Bros. In Deluxe for $ 39 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $ 49.

Shop Nintendo’s March 10 Sale Shop Amazon’s March 10 Sale

While not all Mario games are on sale, there are several titles that you can grab at good sale prices this week. It should also be noted that Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Nintendo collection of classic Mario games remade for the Switch, will not be sold any longer. Nintendo will release the collection from physical and digital shelves on March 31. We doubt there will be a huge price drop before the deadline, so if you want it you only have a few more weeks to get it.

These are the best deals for March 10 this year, but Nintendo is also celebrating with special in-game extras throughout the month. Players Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will notice special poses for favorite photos throughout the month of March in addition to past event items that will return for a limited time. Birthday-themed items are also coming Animal Crossing: New horizons and new circuits, pilots, karts and gliders will appear in Mario Kart Tour, too much.

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