Saturday, May 25, 2024

Nintendo Seals Court Victory Against Knock-Off Kart Touring Company

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A judge has confirmed Nintendo victory in court on a karting company that has taken Mario Kart themed tours through the streets of Tokyo, Engadget Japan reports. Earlier this year, MariCar (now under the Street Kart brand) was ordered to pay Nintendo 50 million yen ($ 483,000) for infringing its intellectual property rights. The company appealed, but the Japanese Supreme Court dismissed it, upholding Nintendo’s previous victory.

Nintendo sued Mari Mobility, aka MariCar for the first time in 2017. Other companies offered similar circuits, but MariCar’s intellectual property infringement was particularly noticeable as it allowed drivers to disguise themselves as Mario Kart characters. . Nintendo also felt that its name could be marred with security concerns, which turned out to be a valid concern after several accidents.


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