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Nova Class Comes to Black Desert on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

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It’s a deep winter. A cold wind arises, and soon, the last of the Seric line will be revealed. Once in hiding, Francesca Seric, heir to the throne and rightful ruler of Calpheon, is ready to emerge and claim what she has a right to. Now only passing through Nova, Seric has embraced the Darkness of the Warped Goddess and wears the crown of the divine Quturan tree. Nova is ready, willing and extremely capable of shedding blood to seize the throne.

What does it mean? Nova, the new hero of Black desert, arrived on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S! Wielding the Quoratum shield, imbued with the power of the divine tree and a frozen morning star, Nova charges into battle, damaging opponents with frozen shards and crushing flail. She is accompanied by the Thornwood Guard, souls who possess the Quoratum shield and are all willing to step into danger to protect the woman who will one day become Queen.

Black desert celebrates the arrival of Nova with several special events. The first, The Last Princess of Calpheon (live now in-game), features a special event quest: The Cold, Dark Star. The quest is available from Black Spirit, and as players progress through the questline, they will learn more about Nova’s past.

The Gifts of the Cold Winds questline gives players the chance to earn amazing rewards through the Challenge tab, including Craftsman’s Memory, Horse Emblem: Level 7 White Horse (Female), mean dog, and more. Players can also adorn Nova with special Queen-fit Echidna accessories: Echidna Tiara and Echidna earring.

What do you want to be You may have asked this of the Little Winter Egg, and now is the time for it to hatch! Enter the released coupon during Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console Calphe: ON Ball and acquire the [Event] Burning jade flame. Combine the [Event] Jade flame burning with the [Event] Winter egg to receive young Rauno (level 4).

  • New Adventurer Rewards for Nova: From December 15 to January 20, 2021, new users join Black desert will receive a small gift box to help them get set up: 1 kg gold ingot and horse emblem: rank 7 white horse (female).
  • Returning Adventurer Rewards for Nova: Returning players can also receive a small gift package between December 15 and January 20, 2021 to commemorate the release of Nova: Gold Bar 1KG x3.

See you in the desert, adventurer.

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