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NRL news, Brisbane Broncos players set to step up

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Broncos icon and board member Darren Lockyer has named key players he says must step up and answer Brisbane’s ‘million dollar question’: who owns the backbone .

Under Anthony Seibold’s tenure, the Broncos’ backbone gave way to a weekly merry-go-round as the beleaguered coach cut and changed with his rear, halves and whore from week to week.

This resulted in a constant feeling of uncertainty on the ground and led to disastrous results. It also comes across as the key area new coach Kevin Walters needs to be successful in 2021.

Lockyer believes there is an answer to the Broncos conundrum and has called on several of the club’s biggest names to step up and start claiming the game’s most crucial positions.

“There are good kids in the system, but I think a lot of people have been saying for years now that it’s about putting the spine right at the Broncos,” Lockyer told Wide World of Sports.

“We have a lot of good middle forwards who can take you forward in a game, but it’s just about making sure those key players benefit from it. That’s the million dollar question. I don’t think that. anyone has an answer.

“It’s a great year for Anthony Milford because he’s stepping out of his contract. We’ve seen what he’s capable of, but it hasn’t been consistent enough.

“Jamayne Isaako is a real pro, but there is a youngster in Reece Walsh who is there and who is going to put pressure, there is going to be some competition for the full back place between those two.

“Jake Turpin had a tough year last year with injuries, but if he’s going to make it (No.9) his jersey he has to have a good year too.

“Tom Dearden is also now in a two-way battle with Brodie Croft, so there are more questions than answers about who is # 7 in the long run.”

Dearden’s apparent demotion from half-back Last week, the 19-year-old was undermined in an opposing training session in favor of Croft, who largely fell out of favor in the second half of 2020.

While Lockyer didn’t see it as a definitive sign that Dearden had been squeezed out of Walter’s halves, he did believe his competition with Croft was a necessary part of his growth at Red Hill.

“I think that’s part of its development,” Lockyer said.

“Being a kid and being thrown in the pressure cooker last year, he put it back really well. But at the start of your career, you’re going to have periods of stagnation.

“So maybe he’s one of them right now. But I know the person he is, he’ll fight, and he’ll fight. From the perspective of having the prospect of to have a competition between him and croft – it’s healthy for the club. “

The Broncos launch their 2021 campaign against the eels tonight.

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