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NRL News | The Mole: Damien Cook in a touching gesture after the match after the performance of the man of the match

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FOR every atrocity committed by a rugby league player, there are hundreds of beautiful moments like this that go largely unreported.

Michael Cini was a longtime Rabbitohs fan who passed away last week and was laid to rest yesterday.

Just hours after the funeral, his family attended the Rabbitohs – Roosters game… because they knew Michael would have wanted them there.

After the Rabbitohs gave their big rivals a soccer lesson, Man of the Match Damien Cook walked over to Michael’s family in the stands, presenting his jersey to his widow Noela before giving him a long hug.

One of the nice guys in the game, Cook knew Michael well as he often attended Rabbitoh practice sessions and chatted with players after they had proven themselves.

Take a look at the video – it will make your eyes cry.

Well done, Damien Cook.


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