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NRL News, The Mole | Dave Bolton’s brain donated to science

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The family of the late English superstar Dave Bolton, who passed away last week, donated his brain to science.

Bolton, 83, lived much of his life in Sydney and died after a long battle with dementia.

A brilliant half-back who led Balmain to his superb 1969 grand final against the Souths, Bolton suffered multiple concussions during his career in the league’s bad old days.

These strokes almost certainly contributed to his illness, and scientists will now be examining his brain for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, a degenerative brain disorder associated with repeated hits to the head.

CTE has become a major issue in the US NFL and NRL, with players past and present concerned about the long-term effects of hits to the head.

U.S. players have earned millions of dollars in NFL lawsuits and there are signs that former NFL players will also start class action lawsuits.

The disease can only be detected after a person has died and Bolton’s family’s action will hopefully be a big boost for better understanding and treatment of the disease.

Two recent stars – Legend of Parramatta Peter Sterling and old Dragon and Bulldog James Graham – also pledged to donate their brains to science after their death.


Here’s a first piece of advice: A top club outside of Sydney will be deprived of two of their best forwards for the first round.

The two stars have been caught drunk driving in separate incidents and the club have managed to sweep the story under the rug – for now.

But it will all come out when the couple appear in court in the coming weeks.

The integrity unit will then dive and is likely to rub the pair for a few first rounds in a major blow for the club concerned.

Stay tuned for more details.


Canberra half-back George Williams is in line for a rare honor this year: the England harbor master’s office.

But Williams has to lift one area of ​​his game to get the gig – he has to speak more on the pitch.

England boss Shaun Wane coached the astute half-back at Wigan and is a huge Williams fan.

But he also knows his weaknesses and told English reporters: “If George were more vocal he would already be a top contender to be captain. He’s a very, very smart player, but he’s very, very calm. . “


The Storm could have found a practical replacement for 2021 in former utility Kiwi Test full-back Gerard Beale.

Beale retired at the end of last season after nearly 200 games for the Broncos, Dragons, Sharks and Warriors.

But the 30-year-old has been itchy over the summer and signed up with Easts Tigers in Brisbane – which just happens to be Storm’s foster club.

No coach takes advantage of “regular players” more than Craig Bellamy, and he might just call on Beale – especially during the demanding home state time.

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