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One final push to save pacing controls is gaining ground

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In the latest reverse turn of events, raise controls could be back on the table. It appears Democratic leaders and the White House are making a final push to have stimulus checks added to the next economic aid package.

On Tuesday, the White House reportedly asked the Republican Senate leadership to include a second round of stimulus checks in their economic aid bill, the Washington post reported. However, the White House is asking for direct payments of $ 600, not the $ 1,200 payment sent to most Americans in the spring through the CARES Act.

The demand comes as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is said to have “softened” the idea of ​​including stimulus checks in the next package, Politico reported on Tuesday. And Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told Bloomberg on Tuesday that she would still like to see a stimulus check for $ 1,200 in the next bill, and that “it’s up to the president”.

The White House did not respond to Fortune’request for comment. A spokesperson for McConnell did not comment in response to Fortune’s request.

Another round of direct payments of $ 1,200 had seemed dead in the water. Last week, a bipartisan group of senators, including Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Joe Manchin, announced a $ 908 billion stimulus proposal which did not include stimulus checks. And surprisingly, the framework of the proposal was quickly accepted by President Nancy Pelosi as based for new negotiations; Until then, she had been pushing for a $ 2.2 trillion package that included another round of direct payments. Meanwhile, McConnell had never backed a second round of stimulus checks.

But in the past few days, party leaders have started to feel pressure from their grassroots lawmakers to add the checks to the next economic aid package. On the left, Senator Bernie Sanders is circulate a letter signed by other Democratic senators “demanding” that the stimulus measures be verified be included, Politico reported, citing the letter. Meanwhile, Republican Senator Josh Hawley has reportedly asked President Trump veto any bill that did not include more stimulus checks, for Politico.

But even if the controls are reintroduced in the stimulus proposals, this does not guarantee the passage of aid. Other stimulus items like state and local funding – strongly backed by Democrats – and COVID-19 trial immunity for businesses – backed by Senate Republicans – are still major points of contention and delay the package. Tuesday, McConnell suggested that Congress completely abandon state and local funding and liability protection for the bill in order to get something through quickly, but Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer was quick to argue that McConnell was trying to “Sabotage” the talks.

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