Thursday, February 22, 2024

OnePlus 9 photo leak hints at ‘Ultrashot’ cameras and high-end specs

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the OnePlus 9 Now seems to exist in the form of more than just renderings, and that could be good news if you’re craving the next not-quite-top-notch smartphone. Phone Arena at got what it says are photos of the OnePlus 9 that further illuminate the device, including its specs. In particular, the giant camera module on the back refers to “Ultrashot” technology. It’s unclear if OnePlus plans a significant upgrade to its camera tech, but the giant lenses on the back suggest it’s not just a redesign of the. OnePlus 8T photo equipment. The software suggests the cameras could be 48MP and 16MP shooters.

The front might be familiar to 8T users between the 6.55-inch 1080p flat screen, 120Hz refresh rate (with HDR), and the hole-punch camera.


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