Wednesday, February 21, 2024

OtterBox Goes Into Gaming With New Line Of Rugged Xbox Accessories

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The accessory wraps around the handles of your switchboard (noElite) Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S joystick to avoid nicks and scratches, while leaving thumb sticks and buttons free so that their sensitivity is not impeded in any way. The gripping pads on each side can be replaced for a different look and easy cleaning. The shell will retail for $ 40 and is available in three colors: light gray, dark gray, or purple with green piping that glows in the dark.

Beyond that, OtterBox’s new offerings are firmly aimed at phone gamers, starting with the $ 30 mobile game clip. It doesn’t look that different from other companies’ offerings, but the clip is more easily adjustable, even with larger phones – it doesn’t use any type of spring mechanism, so you can swap out your device with just one hand . if necessary. It can also be easily disabled when you want to switch to using the controller with your console or computer. The clip folds flat for easy storage, even when it’s still attached to your gamepad.


However, this clip doesn’t exactly fit into a pocket, so the company has you covered with its gaming carrying case as well. This big black shell can comfortably fit an Xbox controller, even though the gamepad is equipped with both. the Easy Grip controller shell and the mobile game clip. There are pockets for extra batteries and cables, as well as a passthrough for a charging cable and a screen mount to hold your phone. The case doesn’t come cheap at $ 45, but it’s probably worth it if you’ve already wasted money on other accessories.


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