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OtterBox launches Xbox line of accessories

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OtterBox has long been a major player in the mobile space, creating a variety of phone cases and accessories. Today, Otterbox is expanding its operations to console gaming with a line of accessories designed for Xbox. The first product line arrives in mid-February and is designed to take advantage of Xbox games at home and on the go.

I got my hands on every product that OtterBox has released and found them all to be high quality, easy to use and easy to assemble. An OtterBox spokesperson told me that the Xbox is, hopefully, just the beginning for accessories in the console space.

Easy Grip Controller Shell
While providing protection for your controller, the main feature of this case are the interchangeable handles. You will find two sets of these in the box. One is a bit more abrasive, while the other is smooth on the palms. The two handles are designed to reduce sweating and slipping. The shell is made up of two pieces that lock around the controller, adding a few inches of thickness to it, but you probably won’t notice the difference. The only slight downside is that the Xbox’s home button is partially covered by the bezel, making it a bit harder to click. OtterBox launches with three colors: Dark Canvas, Dreamscape, and Galactic Dream.
$ 39.95

Mobile game clip
This is the most impressive element of OtterBox. The clip easily connects to the controller and is sturdy, even allowing the player to adjust its angle and height while playing. The hot shoe that holds the phone has an extendable arm that slides and snaps into place, allowing you to use almost any size phone. When you are done using the clip, it can be collapsed for storage.
$ 29.95

Game carrying case
This case is similar in design to the one that comes with Xbox Elite controllers, but comes with some cool extra features. The top of the case converts into a stand that you can mount your phone on. The back of the case has a port through which you can run a cable for charging. The interior of the case comfortably holds the controller in the base with three additional mesh pockets for cables and accessories.
$ 44.95


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