Tuesday, January 31, 2023

‘Overwatch’ gets 120Hz options on Xbox Series X and S

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Overwatch just received an important visual update if you are a Xbox Series X or S owner. Blizzard has released a patch that, among the usual fixes and tweaks, optimizes graphics for Microsoft’s latest consoles. You now have a “Preferred Mode” option that lets you prioritize resolution, frame rate, or a balance between the two – and the improvements could be substantial no matter what system you have.

The “Resolution” mode focuses on sharpness at the potential cost of image quality, reaching 4K and 60Hz on the Xbox Series X and 1440p (also 60Hz) on the S Series. “Balanced”, as the name suggests. , prefers picture quality while maintaining high resolution, reaching 1440p at 60Hz on the X-series and 1080p at that speed on the S-series. “Framerate”, meanwhile, pushes the game to a very responsive 120Hz while by sacrificing both image fidelity and resolution (1440p on the X series, 1080p on the S series). You’ll need a TV with 120Hz support or variable refresh rate to benefit from the latter mode, of course.

There is no mention of a correspondent Playstation 5 updated at this point, unfortunately, although it’s more likely a question of “when” than “if”.

It’s not a real overhaul, but the update could still make a huge difference to Overwatch. Character-driven team shooter relies on lightning-fast reaction times, and 120Hz could be the difference between a snapshot landing and an untimely ending. As it stands, it’s now one of the few console games with 120FPS mode – to consider if you refuse to compromise on frame rate just because you are gaming on the couch instead of your PC.


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