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Pandemic accelerates shift to hybrid workplace

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Even though remote working was on the rise before the pandemic, the experience of the past few months has accelerated its wide-scale adoption, shifted corporate attitudes towards it, and shaped employee expectations for flexibility.

The pandemic has amplified several trends already prevalent in the workplace: the growth of the dispersed workforce, the proliferation of digital engagement, and the rise of the subscription economy. Together, they are ushering in an era of a rapidly emerging work environment that fosters business agility and growth through a mix of on-site and remote employees, modern digital experiences, and access to technology. asks software and solutions.

According to “Insight 2020 Intelligent Technology Pulse: The Impact of COVID-19 on Business Preparedness” Enterprise IT professionals understand that we have the technology to work from virtually anywhere. They note, rather than threatening business continuity, remote working is essential to promote it, and further believe that flexible working environments will play a more central role in the future. As one respondent put it, “remote workers will be the new normal for our business”.

Equally important for business leaders, employees are more involved in remote work. According to PwC, nearly three-quarters (72%) of U.S. employees now want to work remotely at least two days a week, with one-third (32%) preferring never to go to the office. Likewise, Gallup reported in April 2020 that 60% of Americans would prefer to continue working remotely once public health restrictions are lifted.

The pandemic has only heightened those expectations. According to Accenture, the forced approach to remote working at the worst of the pandemic will fuel a massive and additional shift to virtual activity. “Anything that can be done virtually will be. The winners will be those who test and explore all associated creative possibilities. In other words, digital engagement is here to stay, probably becoming the stake for most companies from now on.

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