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Paradox Interactive announces upcoming content slate for Xbox gamers at Paradox Insider 2021

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Hello Xbox community!

Fans of strategy and management games on Xbox have much to be excited about in the coming months. We just shared a preview of what Paradox cooked for Xbox gamers on our Paradox Insider show this weekend, and we bet there’s at least one surprise you didn’t see coming!

Crusader Kings III

One of the top rated games from last year is back with its first DLC. Crusader Kings III: Lords of the North is a flavor pack that adds more depth to the Nordic nations. Adventurer characters can set out and find new Nordic kingdoms in foreign lands, and there are plenty of new events related to Norse law, Viking berserkers and shields, fierce winter, and Norse religion.

Northern Lords will be out on March 16, so get ready to sail!

Survive Mars

Survive Mars, our interplanetary survival colony builder, is back with new content slated for 2021! Now developed by Abstraction games, there is a new expansion in the works which will arrive later this year. But more importantly, we have an In-Dome Buildings content creation pack and a free tourism update for Xbox gamers right now!

The free Tourism Update gives players several fun reasons to return to the Red Planet in 2021: Additions to RC Safari, Hotels, and Low-G Amusement Park offer ways to improve the rating of the vacation experience of your tourists. You’ll want to stay on their safe side, as their satisfaction with their trips will be directly reflected in your rewards, funds, and the number of tourism requests.

Meanwhile, developed by longtime community modder Silva, the Dome Buildings Pack presents 8 structures that you can add to your colony. You can use these structures to expand housing and community options for your settlers!

Survive Mars is on sale to celebrate and 70% off until March 22 in the Microsoft Store. It’s also available on Xbox Game Pass.

Empire of Sin

Your favorite Chicago crime bosses are heading to Xbox Game Pass! Who says not everyone can be a mafia boss? Anyone with an Xbox Game Pass membership can try their hand at controlling a criminal empire! Empire of Sin will be available for PC and Xbox One on Xbox Game Pass starting March 18.

Next week, players will have an even more refined game to explore with the launch of patch 1.04, which will focus on automatic combat resolution. This feature has been in high demand in our community, and we’re excited to see how players are interacting with this new feature.

Lithoids Stellaris

Stellaris: console edition

The final stage of Expansion Pass 3 is coming to Xbox! Meet lithoids, a species made entirely of healthy rocks that eat minerals for food, have a long lifespan, and can colonize in almost any environment. Players may be eager to try out the all-new Lithoid playstyle that focuses on mineral production, relentless colonization of even the most marginal worlds, and refusing to cede an inch of your empire… for “sedimentary” value. . Lithoids drops in consoles on March 25!


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