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Patrick Mahomes can catch Tom Brady’s record with Super Bowl 55 win

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Each Super Bowl presents its fair share of storytelling, but not in the NFL’s wildest dreams, they could have created such an engaging storyline for the last game of the COVID-affected season.

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on last year’s champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, at Super Bowl 55 on Monday morning AEDT, many in the American sports world are gearing up for a historic night, no matter who hoists the Lombardi Trophy.

In the run-up to the NFL’s Biggest Night of the Year, all talk has centered on the most prolific winner of the match against the brightest young star in American sport, who has a realistic chance of meeting or even surpassing the high benchmark set by the former New England Patriot, who is now widely regarded as the sport’s GOAT.

The Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes match captured the attention of fans and media alike. The 43-year-old master against the rising star. The GOAT vs Baby GOAT. Mr. Miyagi against Daniel son. The rising young buck, taking on the legendary icon who, at 43, has proven to be taller than we initially thought, having taken a new team with lots of moving parts – with no pre-match. season – at the Super Bowl. It really defies belief.

Even though the two men will never face each other (quarterbacks don’t play against each other, they play opposing defenses) – the result will inevitably have a deeper meaning in terms of legacy for both athletes.

Although he’s not showing his age, Brady will be the oldest to play in a Super Bowl. A seventh title for the veteran would break the NFL championship record he shares with three members of Vince Lombardi’s big-team Green Bay Packers of the 1960s.

Brady’s playoff record includes a 33-11 mark, 14 conference championship appearances and 10 trips to the biggest game of the season. This week Brady even talked about playing past 45, although he’s not really looking after that clash.

Mahomes already has a title and is the first quarterback to reach two Super Bowls before the age of 25. If he wins on Monday, that would make the QB Chiefs the youngest quarterback of all time with two Super Bowl wins, reaching the mark a year before Brady and Pittsburgh. Ben Roethlisberger.

Mahomes’ record as a starter is 44-9, combining both the regular season and the playoffs. His style and talent – along with the complementary players around him – have made the Chiefs the most entertaining team in the NFL.

The general consensus across the league is that the son of Major League baseball player Pat Mahomes is Brady’s heir. If he could win Super Bowl 55, Brady would stay at six and bring Mahomes to two, which would certainly keep the legend’s extraordinary feats firmly in his sights.

With 10 to 15 years left in the league, it’s unclear how many titles Mahomes and the Chiefs could rack up, and with the rules geared more to quarterbacks than ever before, it would be difficult to rule out the Chiefs’ QB.

“What’s interesting is he has a chance to come back back to back and the last team to do that was Brady and the Patriots in 2003-04,” said former NFL player Colin Scotts, the second Australian player to be drafted into the NFL. .

“It’s been almost 20 years. It’s extremely difficult to go back to back. You don’t have a lot of chances. And for him to be in that position at such a young age to go to his second straight Super Bowl, that’s set it in good stead to ultimately beat Brady or get some more.

“They have a great coach at Andy Reid and great organization. Just his attitude and his athleticism, he’s very hard to hit. Even though he suffered a concussion a few weeks ago, he doesn’t get hurt easily. “

“I can see him playing a quarterback for a long time with that structure in Kansas City, at the moment there is no reason he couldn’t be better than Brady.”

Such is the trajectory of Mahomes, everyone from fans and pundits to rival players and teammates believe the 24-year-old is fortunate enough to achieve iconic status and even surpass Brady and ‘be in the same class as Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. .

When asked on a Zoom call this week if he had any ideas on nabbing the game’s greatest quarterback, Mahomes smiled before giving the politically correct answer filled with clichés.

“I’m trying to find a way to repeat, find a way to win a second championship and find a way to do whatever I can to win with this team,” said Mahomes. “You don’t get these opportunities every year … so you don’t want to look back and regret.”

In a short time in the league, Mahomes has perhaps put together the best three-year streak in the game’s history.

Including the playoffs, he threw 15,922 yards since the start of 2018 with 131 TD passes, en route to winning the 2018 MVP award and the Super Bowl MVP last season.

“Mahomes ticks so many boxes. It’s really hard to describe to people how special this guy is,” said Tony Romo, CBS game analyst.

“I can’t think of anyone in the story you go through and carry on because everyone has a weakness and you try to find everyone’s weakness as an analyst or the weakness of the plan. every team and understand him. I really feel like he’s just the rare type. “

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