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Patrick Mahomes injury update: Chiefs QB may have tweaked the nerve, playoff status still uncertain

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The Chiefs had to end the division round without Patrick Mahomes, and they are now concerned about his status for the AFC Championship game.

The KC star was hit by Mack Wilson in the third quarter and it took a while to get back on his feet after the hit. Mahomes would need help from his teammates and Kansas City staff after the hit.

It’s hard to see where exactly Mahomes was injured, but the Chiefs would dismiss Mahomes. Initial reports said he suffered a concussion, but CBS has since written that it was a twisted nerve in his neck that made him pop out.

The good news is, it looks like Mahomes could be good for next week’s AFC Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium. Chiefs coach Andy Reid said after the game Mahomes was doing well and passed all the preliminary tests.

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Mahomes will still have to pass protocol during the week to be eligible for the championship on Sunday.

After the game, Wilson offered Mahomes his best wishes, and the quarterback responded, showing no ill will between the two players:

At first, Mahomes was slowly helped off the field by Chiefs’ medics, and he made his way to the blue med tent along the sideline. Soon after, Mahomes was seen running to the locker room.

CBS’s Tracy Wolfson reports that Mahomes is currently going through a concussion protocol and the team would not have an official designation until after the questioning is over.

The Chiefs would confirm Wolfson’s initial report:

Mahomes took a beating in the game, with a left big toe injury earlier in the game showing him visibly hampered throughout the game.

Mahomes would be replaced by longtime NFL veteran and substitute quarterback Chad Henne, who would finish the run and score a basket to extend the lead to 22-10.


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