Thursday, September 28, 2023

Pixar’s ‘Soul’ was streaming so popular it beat ‘The Office’

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We don’t know how much HBO Max’s Wonder Woman 1984 made do with his own outing on Christmas Day. WarnerMedia has not released viewer data and will not reveal subscriber data until it provides revenue information next week. However, the version was popular enough to help Warner speed up.

Soul clearly had a number of factors in its favor. It’s a children’s movie (a movie with a strong adult appeal, too) released during the holiday season when pretty much everyone is stuck at home. And contrary to Mulan, you didn’t have to pay extra to watch right away. There was a large potential audience that Disney might not have again.

Even so, it’s an important win for Disney. This shows that the company’s blockbuster films can attract large audiences through Disney +. It’s vital when the media giant is focusing on streaming. It’s also a crucial boost at a time when Disney + still has relatively few high-profile exclusives, with WandaVision only now reach the service. The question is whether newcomers who have subscribed to Soul will stick around for the long haul.


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