Thursday, February 29, 2024

Play ‘Disco Elysium’ on consoles in 2021 with ‘The Final Cut’

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Existing Disco Elysium owners, don’t worry: The final cut will be a free upgrade for anyone who already owns the game on PC or Mac.

Fans of innovative open-world RPGs have been eagerly awaiting Disco Elysiumlaunch of the console, and now it’s clear what took so long. The full voiceover is one hell of an update, not to mention some new playable content.

Additionally, iam8bit takes preorders for a Disco Elysium: Final Cut Collector’s Edition which includes a vinyl sculpture of Totem of the Spirit, a 190-page hardcover art book, a physical copy of the game, and an illustrated fabric map of Martinaise. It will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X and S and Switch, shipping sometime in 2021. It costs $ 250.


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