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Play Watch Dogs: Legion Free Trial March 25-29

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If you haven’t yet traveled to the open world of the near future of London to join the ranks of DedSec and take on the private military company Albion, their criminal underworld allies and the mysterious Zero-Day group that left DedSec in ruins , we have some good news! From March 25 Guard dogs: Legion is available to play for free on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. You will have until March 29 to create your own hacktivist resistance group by recruiting one of the people of London in its open world. Whether it’s a spy, a construction worker, a street magician or a grandmother on her constitutional night, any of them could be a valuable member. of your team – but some might be more convincing than others.

Single-player and online modes are available during the free trial, along with all open-world activity, such as a dart game at the local pub or a fierce hand-to-hand brawl competition. In single player mode, eight London boroughs are free to explore, and the single player campaign is playable up to the “Skye Larsen” mission. Meanwhile, co-op and PvP options are available in the online mode, but Tatical Ops is only accessible in the full version of the game.

Guard dogs: Legion

All the progress made during the Guard dogs: Legion The free trial rolls over to the main game if you decide to continue your journey, and if you do, we’ve got even better news: Guard dogs: Legion is on sale through April 1 on the Xbox Store, with the Standard Edition getting a 67% discount. The Ultimate Edition is available at a 60% discount.

Guard dogs: Legion

What’s in the Season Pass? Here are some highlights: New missions and characters will be available, including Mina, a former test subject with the ability to control the minds of citizens; Aiden Pearce from the original Watch dogs; Key Watch dogs 2; and Darcy, a member of the Order of Assassins who seeks to join DedSec. Aiden and Wrench will also feature in Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline, a new storyline that takes place before the events of the base game. Mina and Darcy will also have new missions. Season Pass holders will also receive Watch Dogs Complete Edition, which includes the entire original Chicago open-world hacker experience with its DLC. There has never been a better time to join the resistance.

Xbox live

Watch Dogs®: Legion



$ 59.99

Xbox One X enhanced

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Build a resistance from anyone in the world to take back a nearby London that is facing its downfall. Recipient of over 65 E3 awards and nominations. Recruit and play like anyone in London. Everyone you see has a unique history, personality, and skill set for unique situations. Hack armed drones, deploy spider robots, and take down enemies using an augmented reality cloak. Explore a vast open urban world with many iconic London landmarks and fun side activities. Team up with your friends to complete new four-player co-op missions and PvP matches in the new online mode. Upgrade to the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition to access the Season Pass and more!

Xbox live

Watch Dogs®: Legion Ultimate Edition



$ 119.99

Get the full Watch Dogs experience with the Ultimate Edition, which includes the base game, Season Pass, and Ultimate Pack. The Season Pass includes a major expansion, additional missions, four iconic heroes, including Aiden Pearce, and access to Watch_Dogs® Complete Edition. The Ultimate Pack includes three unique characters, three additional masks, and four week VIP status. Build up your resistance to take back a London in the near future in the face of its fall. Recruit and play like anyone in London. Everyone you see has a unique story, personality, and skill set. Explore a vast open world with iconic London landmarks. Team up with your friends to complete new 4-player co-op missions and PvP matches when online co-op mode kicks off.


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