Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Poco teases a sequel to his legendary F1 phone

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Poco has released many phones since its iconic Pocophone F1 debuted in 2018, but the Created by Xiaomi the brand avoided creating a direct sequel – even the $ 500 F2 Pro is far too expensive to be considered a true follow-up. You may soon see a suitable successor. GSMArena Notes that Poco has teased “The F2” in a video thanking fans for its success in 2020. There’s nothing more to see than the name (around the 45-second mark), but maybe that’s all you want to see. need to know if you are hoping for a tracking device.

Don’t count on Poco repeating the original strategy of delivering near-flagship specs at budget prices. A rumor from a Xiaomi-oriented Telegram group suggests the F2, dubbed Courbet, will use a mid-range Snapdragon 732G chip like the Small X3. Its notable features may include a quad rear camera array, a 4250mAh battery with reverse charging, and possibly a 120Hz display. These features would still give the F2 some advantages over other budget handsets, but they wouldn’t go away. Galaxy s21 buyers regretting their decisions.


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