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Pokemon Face-Off: IGN readers chose which pocket monster is best

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To celebrate Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, we’ve asked you to help us decide which of the 200 most popular Pokemon is the best. After thousands upon thousands of 1 on 1 battles with clashes like Squirtle vs. Charmander and Pikachu vs. Mewtwo, the ultimate winner has been chosen. So who won first place in the battle for the greatest Pokemon of all time? Drum roll please …

With a winning percentage of 86.3%, Charizard achieved victory in 39,444 of the 45,726 battles in which he fought.

With Charizard being a powerful, fire-breathing, dragon-like Pokémon that evolves from Charmander – the starter Pokémon that many began their journey with in the 1997 Red and Blue Pokémon – it’s no wonder he took on the first place.

Otherwise, some variations of the Charizard Pokemon collectible cards are some of the rarest and most valuable of all, adding to its legendary status.

Mewtwo took second place with a winning percentage of 86.0%, while Blastoise rose through the ranks to third place with a winning percentage of 83.2%. The top 10 was completed by Dragonite, Lugia, Mew, Rayquaza, Gengar, Lucario and Gyarados.

Seven of the top ten are from Pokemon Red and Blue, while Pokemon Diamond and Pearl’s Lugia and Lucario and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire’s Rayquaza were the only Pokemon to break through the undying popularity of the Kanto region.

Pyukumuku took last place, with a winning percentage of just 12.4%. He just beat the aptly named Trubbish by 0.4 percentage points for last place.

Alcremie, Snom, Bidoof, Whisicott, Tsareena, Lilligant, Appletun and Goomy complete the ranking.

The last 10 consisted of five generations, with Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon Black and White counting as three each. These less popular Pokémon include a goofy beaver, a Pokémon made from whipped cream, and a type of dragon that resembles apple pie. Oh, and of course the previously mentioned Trubbish that looks like … well … a trash bag.

Wondering where your favorite Pokemon ended up, like maybe Pikachu? (It took place # 30!) For all rankings, you can View the full list of where the 200 Pokémon that took part in this showdown ended up.

For more on Pokemon and its 25th anniversary, check out the announcements of Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl and the open world Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Adam Bankhurst is a news editor for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Tic.


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