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Port Adelaide Power’s great Kane Horns explode on new ruler for 2021 season



Port Adelaide Great Kane Horns lambasted the AFL over their new man-on-the-mark rule, saying the governing body “turns the game into Auskick”.

Among a host of laws introduced for the 2021 season, a player on the mark will only be allowed minimal lateral movement. If the defending player deviates from the mark in any direction before “play on” is called, a 50-yard penalty will apply, while the defending team is also unable to substitute for the player on the line. Mark.

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Horns landed on the AFL.

Richmond superstar Dustin Martin (left) and teammate Noah Balta (right) celebrate the Tigers’ AFL 2020 Grand Final against Geelong. (Michael Wilson / Getty Images) (AFL photos via Getty Images)

“The biggest concern about this is that the AFL is turning into Auskick,” Cornes told SEN. Breakfast SA.

“Already we had the most ridiculous rule that has ever plagued the world of an AFL football game and that is that you have to name two ruckmen, one from each team, before a scrum match.

“The referee, before throwing it,” Who is standing? “You have to raise your hand like you’re playing Auskick, where you change the ruck and you have to name.

“Now you have this ridiculous command. A referee whistles, waves his hand and says ‘stand’ to an adult AFL footballer.

“It’s almost comical that our game, via rule changes, turns into what you would see on a Sunday morning in Auskick.

“It’s not a lack of respect for the Auskick children. Obviously, at this age you need a little more leadership from your umpires.

“You don’t need it at the AFL level and what it’s going to cause is utter confusion.

“There are some rules that have been accepted in the game, and I’m not convinced that will be one of them.”

AFL reverts to 20-minute quarters

The other two rule changes saw the maximum number of rallies drop from 90 to 75 per game, and the kick-ins score set 15 yards from the center of the kick-off line to the center of the pitch, against 10 meters. .

A new rule will also be implemented in the second tier competition of the VFL and the East Coast, a hybrid league created after COVID-19 destroyed the NEAFL. A minimum of three players from each team must be parked at 50 on each throw-in and throw-in at the limit.

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