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President-elect Joe Biden receives huge boost after election

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President-elect Joe Biden enjoys a rebound in post-election, pre-White House popularity, new report says Fortune-SurveyMonkey survey.

The former vice president currently has a net favorability of +16, more than 2.5 times the +6 favorability rating he had as the November election against President Donald Trump. At the time, Trump had a net favorability of -13.

Historically, new presidents tend to receive a bounce in approval early in their first term and see it slowly decline over the next four or eight years, with a rapid rebound up or down depending on the events or actions they take.

Since 2000, the winning presidential candidate has seen his approval rating increase after the election, and every president except Donald Trump has achieved majority favorability level when they win. But typically the numbers only increase a few points; growth is moderate. Biden’s raise is atypical.

The numbers are not always that high before an election. In November 2016, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was net -12.6 and Trump net -21.

Gallup poll put Biden’s approval rating at 55%, highest since February 2019, two months before declaring his candidacy for the presidency. Biden’s sudden jump may have been propelled by backlash against Trump’s inability to accept the presidential election results. The president refuses to concede the election and has taken legal action in a number of states to challenge the results of the vote. Almost all of these challenges have not ended up in court. Many battlefield states have started the process of certifying their electoral tally.

Biden’s favorability is largely reinforced by women, the Fortune-SurveyMonkey survey found. The elected president is +28 with women and +0 with men. The favor fell squarely in party favor, with the majority of Democrats approving the president-elect and the majority of Republicans judging him unfavorably. Independent votes, however, overwhelmingly viewed Biden in a positive light.

While the majority of age groups hovered between 56% and 59% of favorability ratings for Biden, only 51% of Gen Xers, those between the ages of 40 and 55, gave Biden a nod of approval.

Fortune-SurveyMonkey surveyed 2,247 American adults between November 30 and December 1. The margin of error is 3 percentage points.

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