Thursday, October 6, 2022

Pringles Unveils Limited Edition Halo-Inspired Moa Burger Flavor

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Halo Reach Moa may be remembered by fans as an alien species of bird native to the planet Reach. The large, flightless bird resembles an emu and apparently made good hamburger meat, as evidenced by the game’s World Cuisine restaurant advertising the Moa burgers. If you’ve ever wondered what a fictional bird burger tastes like, Pringles of All Companies has pulled the curtain down on their limited edition Moa burger flavored crisps.

According to the head of Halo Twitter account, the chips are sold exclusively by Walmart, because when I think of where to get Moa flavored things, I think “Walmart.” I mean, they sell everything, so why should that be the exception? What I want to know is how Pringles determined the flavor of an imaginary alien bird. Maybe they taste like a Beyond Meat burger? Or maybe they just taste like potato chicken.

A pre-burger Moa, in case you’re curious

What makes this product a bit messed up is that according to the Halo Wiki, Moa technically became in danger during the fall of Reach (difficult to survive on a glass planet). So now we’re eating fictional, almost extinct alien bird-flavored Pringle crisps. This presents a tangled ethical conundrum that might surprise even the greatest minds.

Make sure to grab a can of these Moa Burger Pringles soon if you want to try them, because they won’t be around forever. We don’t know how long they’ll be on the shelves, but let’s assume the general population will want to nibble on this curiosity and grab it sooner rather than later. If nothing else, eating them might add a new layer of immersion during your next game of Reach.

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