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Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Personal injury cases can be a complicated process to undertake without an experienced attorney guiding you through the legal battle. When working with a personal injury attorney, there are several questions you should ask before signing up for representation.

The following questions will help you determine if the lawyer is right for your case.

How Many Years Have You Been Practicing Personal Injury Law?

It is important to determine how much experience your personal injury attorney Seattle has before signing on with them. Someone who has worked in the field for many years has likely handled thousands of personal injury cases and will have more insight into what works and what does not work for each case. A new attorney might not give you the guidance you want because of their lack of experience.

What Percentage of Your Cases Are Resolved Through a Settlement?

Some attorneys will be clear about how many cases resolve before the court, while others may avoid the question entirely. Find out what percentage of cases are settled during negotiations by asking this question upfront. Settlements are beneficial for both parties because they often lead to more money for the injured party and less paperwork for the attorney.

Will I Be Responsible for Any Costs Incurred During My Case?

Most attorneys will not charge you anything upfront, but some may request a retainer fee before taking your case. Find out if there are any costs associated with working on your case early on. If you do not have the money to pay for these services, look for an attorney who offers payment plans or represents you for free.

How Long Will My Case Take?

What it takes to resolve a personal injury case varies depending on your situation and the evidence presented at trial. Some people may have to wait months or years before their case is resolved. You should find out how long you might have to wait for your case to wrap up before deciding to hire an attorney.

Talking to a personal injury lawyer can be intimidating. However, getting all of your questions answered before taking on representation is important. By asking these questions, you can better understand what type of attorney you are dealing with.

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