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Reason Vince McMahon Was Unhappy With Undertaker After Randy Orton Match

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Randy Orton recently talked about how Vince mcmahon was not satisfied with The Undertaker after Orton’s match with The Phenom in 2002.

Sure Broken skull sessions, Randy Orton and Stone Cold Steve Austin discussed the former’s first game with The Deadman in WWE, which took place in 2002 on an episode of SmackDown. In that match, The Undertaker made Orton, a rookie at that point in his WWE career, look great in the ring despite The Deadman’s victory.

Vince McMahon wasn’t happy that The Undertaker made an unknown young wrestler like Orton look great in the ring.

“And he (Undertaker) offended me so much, he gave me so offended. After the game we come back to Gorilla (position) and Vince (McMahon) gives him shit, like, ‘What What are you doing what are you doing? Arms dragging, hips, backdrops, two dropkicks, double hump, go up. So “Taker says something like,” Full circle, man. . Isn’t that what we’re trying to do here “Bring in guys. I just remember sitting there – I wasn’t part of the conversation but a fly on the wall and I just remember ‘having thought, like,’ Wow!

Randy Orton said his entire attack on The Undertaker was taken out of the match because it was a taped show on SmackDown, but he said he was happy with the fight at the time.

Randy Orton explains why the Undertaker chose to fight him

Randy Orton, in his interview with Austin, said The Undertaker saw something in him in 2002 and had a match with him.

“Well, the position I was in that night, working with him (The Undertaker) – again, the running thread of this interview is how lucky and blessed I got. For some reason he saw something in me. And it was Evolution stuff first and foremost, that was before Triple H and Ric Flair liked me, it was him who saw something in me and him. had something to do to be in the ring with me that night.

Three years later, at WrestleMania 21, the two faced off for the second time. Orton, however, was no stranger to superstar this time around as he had already won the world title by then.

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