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Report: Huawei could abandon its P and Mate smartphone brands

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Obviously, the price of any transaction is still unknown. Last summer, however, Huawei overcome smartphone sales charts with 55.1 million units shipped. Sales of Mate and P Series phones (latest models are P40 Pro and Companion 40) would have reached $ 39.7 billion between the third quarter of 2019 and the third quarter of 2020, according to IDC.


The Mate 40 will be Huawei’s last bullet with its high-end Kirin processors, however. That’s because its main chipmaker TSMC has said it will no longer build chips for Huawei – because TSMC sources components from the United States, which has banned American companies from selling to Huawei. . Samsung also recently ad that it will stop supplying Huawei with phone chips amid U.S. sanctions.

On the other hand, ARM – the company that makes the chip designs used by all major smartphone makers – has said it will do so. keep working with Huawei. To that end, Huawei is said to have been working on a way to make Kirin chips on its own using ARM designs. He may decide not to sell the Mate and P brands depending on how it goes, depending on Reuters.

Shortly after Huawei sold it, Honor unveiled the View40 5G smartphone powered by a MediaTek processor. This model in theory can now be sold in Europe and the United States with Google applications, as it is no longer on the list of American entities. If Huawei were to part with its premium brands, they could also be on sale again in the west – a good thing for consumers, as are the P40 and Mate 40. powerful Phone (s.


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