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Resident Evil Village art director addresses key mystery: Lady Dimitrescu’s height

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When Capcom threw the villain of Resident Evil Village, a downright imposing female vampire named Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, they must have known how, uh … can’t wait for RE’s fanbase to know more about her, right? With her shattering WNBA size and dominant personality, Lady Dimitrescu quickly became an internet phenomenon, and fans were very excited to learn just how exactly she measures.

Resident Evil fans finally have their answer. RE Village Artistic Director Tomonori Tanako posted a declaration thank the fans for their interest in Village and shed some light on the subject.

“More recently Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have received a lot of attention, far more than we expected,” Tanako said. “It’s great that they are able to take the limelight as icons of Resident Evil Village. Lady Dimitrescu, in particular, received a lot of fanfare both domestically and abroad, which made us all extremely happy on the development team. I hear that its size is interesting… ”

“If you include his hat and high heels,” Tanako continued, “[Lady Dimitrescu is] 2.9 meters (approximately 9’6 ”) high. “

So there you have it. Capcom eventually freed the fans from the excited prison and then threw them into the excited wine cellar. We can’t wait to be captured multiple times by the Resident Evil Grand Lady.

For the record, here are some things Lady Dimitrescu is taller than: a Christmas tree, Andre the Giant, Shaq, a king size bed standing vertically, or most importantly, the tallest man or never registered woman.

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Joseph Knoop is a human wine writer / producer / cask for IGN.


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