Sunday, January 29, 2023

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Paul Gallen maintained his undefeated record as a boxer with a unanimous victory on points Mark Hunt, after recovering from a monstrous blow at the beginning.

The two fighters hit each other hard, but Gallen left the winner after the three judges’ scorecards read 58-56, 58-56 and 59-55 to Gallen.

“He hit me in the second round and the next second I was up, I’m so fit right now,” Gallen said after the win.

Hunt tried to set up a knockout throughout the fight, and although he landed a few hits on the NRL he couldn’t complete the job and was forced to pay.

The 46-year-old must have complained about not finishing Gallen in the second round when he staggered him.

“We have both been beaten several times,” he said.

“I thought he wasn’t going to do six but he got away with it and he did good to him.”

Hunt started the first round on the offensive, unleashing a few heavy right hands at the NRL legend before Gallen could land a few punches as the pair attacked.

The former Sharks skipper entered the fight with a pre-existing cut to his nose and he was slashed right away from Hunt, but he was able to dodge most of Hunt’s strong hooks.

However, Gallen was shifted to the second round after Hunt landed a powerful right hook, but the former UFC star didn’t go for the knockout, instead showboating in front of the crowd.

Gallen made his way through the third round, trapping Hunt in the neutral corner and landing a series of jabs and upercuts at close range for the majority of the round.

Hunt looked like he was getting tired in round four, breathing heavily to start the round as the pair continued to trade vigorous punches, albeit to little effect.

The Samoan connected with another left hook to Gallen’s head which left the NRL to falter, but Gallen managed to recover by trapping Hunt again in the corner and was able to connect with his own uppercuts.

Intensity increased further in the fifth round, with both men taking massive shots. Gallen continued to do his best work in close quarters, while Hunt managed to falter, but not let down the Sharks legend with harder punches.

Gallen started the final round by connecting with a left hook, before ending the round by putting Hunt in the corner before Hunt sends Gallen through the ropes right on the final bell.

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