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Rey Mysterio hints at major betrayal in 2021 WWE Royal Rumble

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King of the Mists warned he could betray his own son, Dominik Mysterio, if their paths cross in 2021 WWE Match Royal Rumble.

Dominik Mysterio made his WWE debut against Seth Rollins in WWE SummerSlam 2020. He has since been involved in storylines with Murphy, Rollins and the rest of the Mysterio family, including Rey Mysterio and Aalyah Mysterio.

Talk on The bump, Rey Mysterio said Dominik didn’t want to lose him to King Corbin at SmackDown last week. However, in his next sentence, the WWE veteran admitted that he would have to eliminate Dominik if they both started this year’s 30-player Royal Rumble.

“I should throw it away right away. Yes! I mean, we have to do it. There is simply no other option. Either he goes or I go, but I’m sure I get the first dibs on it, so he goes on top.

Rey Mysterio made 11 Royal Rumble appearances during his WWE career. His most famous appearance at the Royal Rumble came in 2006 when he outlasted 29 other men to win the match. Dominik has never been to a Royal Rumble.

Who could Rey Mysterio face in the Royal Rumble?

Daniel Bryan among favorites to win WWE Royal Rumble 2021
Daniel Bryan among favorites to win WWE Royal Rumble 2021

WWE Royal Rumble 2021 takes place on January 31. Although Rey Mysterio has not been officially announced for the Royal Rumble, there are still 21 places left in the men’s match.

Daniel Bryan, Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Otis, The Miz, Jey Uso, Cesaro and Jeff Hardy are the confirmed participants so far.

Posted on Jan 21, 2021 at 12:00 AM CET


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