Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Roasted Rishabh Pants Over Sunglasses

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Australian cricketer greats Shane Warne and Kerry O’Keeffe did a light dig at Indian wicket keeper Rishabh Pant who walked onto the pitch on day two of the fourth test wearing bizarre sunglasses.

Pant, who exploded 97 of 118 deliveries during the second round of the SCG test Earlier this week, we went with a pair of neon yellow and blue sunglasses, which came as a shock to Warne and O’Keeffe.

After reruns showed a close-up of Pant’s questionable look on day two, Warne immediately asked his cricketer mate and comment partner if the pair of sunglasses came from a gas station.

“What do you think of these shades that the Rishabh pants rock?” Warne asked O’Keeffe on Fox Cricket.

“Straight out of the gas station?”

O’Keeffe, who is well known for laughing at all that is fun, joked that he was adamant they were a pair bought at a local gas station.

“These are servos, aren’t they?” O’Keeffe responded.

“And he also bought flowers.

“No, they don’t understand me. You would like them to be crossed out so that you could just put them in the trash.

“Would you like to buy flies with these?”


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