Thursday, December 1, 2022

Samsung brings some of the Galaxy S21’s software features to older devices

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When Samsung in January, the company also detailed the latest version of its Android One UI skin. The update came with a few new features and Samsung now plans to bring some of them to its older devices, including the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 queues, as well as the Galaxy z fold 2 and Galaxy z flip, when it updates them to One UI 3.1. In all, five of the S21’s software features will be available on these phones after downloading the latest software from Samsung.

For starters, there is an improved single take. It allows you to simultaneously capture still images and videos with your phone’s cameras. Another new camera feature, multi-mic recording, allows you to capture audio from your phone and a connected Bluetooth device. Meanwhile, in Samsung’s Gallery app, you will find an editing tool called Object Eraser which can remove visual elements from your photos using an AI algorithm. If you’ve ever seen Photoshop in action, the principle is the same. Select the object you want to remove from your photo and the software will do the rest – although your mileage may vary depending on the object’s prominence in the photo.


Then there’s Eye Comfort Shield, which builds on a feature already present in One UI 3.0 to limit the amount of blue light your phone emits. An adaptive setting will adjust your phone’s screen color according to the time of day. But you can also choose to use the custom setting, in which case you can manually select a color temperature and determine a schedule. Finally, there’s private sharing, which lets you add an expiration date to files you send to other people.

Samsung will begin rolling out One UI 3.1 to its older devices starting today in select markets.


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