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Samsung Galaxy Upcycling Turns Old Phones Into IoT Devices

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A few years ago, Samsung announced a sustainable development initiative called “Galaxy Upcycling,” an effort to reuse and reuse old smartphones. We haven’t heard much about it since, but today at CES 2021 Samsung ad an evolution of this program called Galaxy Upcycling at Home. Basically, the idea is to allow people who still own older Galaxy smartphones to use them as part of their connected home rather than leaving them in a drawer (or worse, sending them to a landfill).

To enable new features for these older phones, Samsung will release a software update that allows owners to choose how they want to use their devices. One example that the company gave was the use of an old like phone. baby monitor – can listen to a baby wake up and cry and send an alert to the parents’ phone so they can check in. Another example was using a phone to detect changes in the ambient lighting of a room and automatically turn on the lights. So if you’re not at home but left a pet behind, the lights can automatically turn on as soon as it gets dark.


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