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Samsung launches 110-inch version of its MicroLED “ wall-mounted ” TV

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Samsung has launched a 110-inch MicroLED TV, and it’s now on presale in Korea. The tech giant has showcased massive displays using MicroLED technology over the past two years. He unveiled a 146-inch television called The wall at CES 2018, and he exhibited a 75-inch model and a 219-inch screen at the same event last year. These screens, however, are modular and require installation. This model is prefabricated and can be installed like any traditional television.


Although Samsung’s MicroLED TV technology is scalable and can be used to create displays of all sizes, the company explained in its announcement that previously it was not possible to mass-produce a MicroLED display as small as 110. inches for easy home installation. In order to be able to launch this product, it had to develop new surface mount technology and a new manufacturing process derived from its semiconductor business. These will give Samsung a way to produce even smaller MicroLED displays for consumers in the future.


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