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Samsung SmartThings can now control Google Nest devices



Remember Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant? While the company doesn’t seem any closer to ditching AI for good, it’s at least more open to letting people use Google Assistant on its devices. From January, Google and Samsung plan to to integrate their respective platforms more closely together. To get started, you’ll be able to control your Nest devices, including cameras, thermostats and doorbells, via Samsung SmartThings apps. If you have a compatible Samsung TV or smart device, you’ll be able to control those Nest devices from there as well.

The two companies have also simplified the process of activating the Assistant on your Samsung devices to encourage you to try AI. Setup now involves accessing one of the many Samsung apps, including SmartThings, and pairing the assistant. Additionally, it is possible to interact with Samsung devices via Assistant in six additional languages, including French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and perhaps most notably from Samsung’s perspective, Korean.




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