Friday, March 31, 2023

Save 80% on a .tech domain name for a limited time

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Equally valuable, a .tech domain name shows that your brand or your project is futuristic, different and not of the status quo. This modest but enduring quality of your brand or project identity goes a long way in creating a positive first impression. It cuts the noise and helps users instantly know what your website is about. Small businesses like Shadow, TenX, and Brilliant all have a .Tech domain name which talks about the role that technology plays in their work. The same goes for some big companies like Intel ( and Viacom ( – they have added .tech domain names to their online presence for smaller but more vertical industries. specific to all of their activities.

Then there are influencers, like Austin Evans with 6 million subscribers globally, and cutting edge tech events, like CES (, who have adopted a .tech domain name to promote increase their presence on the Web and expand their audience. . So, no matter if you want to start a business, blog, portfolio, event page, or whatever, a .tech domain name is a sure-fire way to bond with great people. interested in technology.

Whether you’re a developer, programmer, founder, entrepreneur, or tech enthusiast, it is possible to land a great domain name – and enjoy all the benefits that come with it – at an affordable cost. For a limited time only, a 80% reduction on the .tech domain name for one or five years with promo code TECHNOW.

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