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Save 85% on this IoT e-degree certification bundle

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With seven handpicked courses, this bundle offers in-depth information on Raspberry Pi, Linux, Arduino programming and basic knowledge of IoT systems – from architectural elements to security and more. In addition to teaching the basics and helping students quickly get to grips with the fundamentals, this set includes quizzes, exams, and hands-on projects.

The tests will help you assess your knowledge and make it easier to track your progress while mastering IoT concepts and skills. Then, guided projects that involve designing and building IoT-enabled applications and services will help you hone your practical skills. The certifications obtained at the end of each module complement this holistic approach to learning IoT and help validate your new skills in the eyes of potential employers.


  • Module 1: Introduction to IoT with Raspberry Pi

  • Module 2: Architecture of IoT devices

  • Module 3: Security of IoT devices

  • Module 4: Introduction to IoT with Arduino and Integrated Programming

  • Module 5: Practical IoT Project – I

  • Module 6: Practical IoT Project – II

  • Module 7: Introduction to Integrated Programming in IoT

Best of all, Eduonix Learning Solutions is the training and skills development organization behind the production of this bundle. The company uses industry veterans and leading content creators to create easy-to-understand instructional videos that address what matters most across the board. So you can be sure that what you learn about IoT with this set will give you the skills you need for greater professional success.

The IoT E-Degree certification pack, typically $ 200, is on sale for $ 30 or 85% off for a limited time only.

Prices subject to change.

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