Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Senators call on FCC to change definition of broadband broadband

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A group of four senators is the Federal Communications Commission to change its definition of broadband to broadband to significantly increase basic speeds.

Under the current FCC policy, created , 25 Mbps down / 3 Mbps up is the minimum standard for broadband. In Senators Joe Manchin, Rob Portman, Michael Bennet and Angus King argue that these speeds no longer reduce it, especially during a pandemic when many Americans work and attend school remotely. They suggest that there should be a new standard of 100 Mbps for download and upload speeds, and that this should be a uniform definition across the federal government.

“Ask any senior who connects to their doctor via telemedicine, any farmer who wants the benefits of precision farming, any student who receives live instruction, or any family where parents work remotely and many kids learn remotely, and they’ll tell you that many networks fail to come close to ‘broadband’ in 2021, ”they write. “For each of these functions, download speeds well above 3 Mbps are particularly critical.”

The letter was sent to the FCC , Jessica Rosenworcel. As ArsTechnica Rosenworcel previously supported updating the broadband standards to higher speeds, so there is at least some reason to believe that the issue could gain more attention under the current administration.


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